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Kids more safety with Stop Arm


School administrators and parents agree that stop arm cameras offer a simple and effective way to safeguard our kids as they’re getting on and off the school bus.

In fact, two-thirds of U.S. adults support using cameras to ticket motorists who violate state laws prohibiting the illegal passing of school buses.‡

‡Harris Interactive Poll

Here’s how you can help:

Parents: Contact your school officials and tell them you want your kids to have the extra safety and protection the school bus Stop Arm Camera provides.

School Administrators The Stop Arm Camera Program from Dallas County Schools offers all Texas school districts a simple way to put this advanced technology to good use. It’s surprisingly affordable, too. In fact, in most cases the equipment is paid for by the ticket revenue it generates.

To learn more about how the Stop Arm Camera Program can work for your school district, talk to us today: Click or call 214-944-4545.