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Stop Arm Cam
Stop Arm Cam
Our School Bus with Stop Arm Our School Bus with Stop Arm


Safe drivers know just what to do when they see a school bus with its red lights flashing and stop arm extended. But many others zoom right on by, carelessly disregarding the law – and the safety of our kids.

The numbers are staggering: One third of stopped school buses are illegally passed each day*

16,450 violations a day in Texas+ 2.96 million violations each school year+

*National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation +Texas A&M Transportation Institute

For detailed research findings from the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, please click here.

You can put a stop to it. Now. Technology is used to reduce accidents at intersections and now we can use school bus stop arm cameras to provide an extra margin of safety for our kids by putting a lot more muscle into the traffic laws that protect them.